Mysterious music from Moon!! Apollo 10 astronauts heard it from the dark side of the moon!!

The Apollo 10 Mission, which was launched on 18th May 1969, was like a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the eventual historic landing of man on moon. This mission was sent just two months before Apollo 11 could take Neil Armstrong to the moon to make him the first man to be landing on the moon. Some lost tapes from the Apollo 10 mission have now resurfaced and very spookily they mention about weird music coming from the moon. Surprising isn’t it? Well, even the astronauts were as surprised as you are, and maybe even more because they were there and at that time, they were not even in contact with earth. Let us dig deeper into this ‘mysterious case of music from moon.’


1 The Mysterious Space-like Music!!

The Mysterious Space-like Music

The Apollo 10 Capsule in the lunar orbit
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The Apollo 10 had entered the lunar orbit and also traversed to the far side of the moon. This far and dark side of the moon is such an area in which the spacecraft becomes out of reach from the earth. The spacecraft loses radio contact from the earth and this happens for about an hour. The spacecraft carrying the crew of Apollo 10 Mission entered this zone and what they heard some sounds; they were startled to the core. They heard some music-like radio transmission which went on for the entire hour, and as radio contact from the earth was not present, they just knew it was coming from the moon.


2 The reaction of the Crew!

The crew members included Eugene Cernan, John Young and Tom Stafford. The tapes which have their conversation recorded, prove that they indeed heard something weird. Take a look at their conversation:

The reaction of the Crew!

The crew members of Apollo 10 Mission.
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“You hear that? That whistling sound? Whoooooooo!”
“It sounds like, you know, outer space-type music.”
“Well, that sure is weird music!”
The astronauts were actually quite surprised to hear all of this and they even discussed whether they should tell about this to the Mission Control down on earth. They said:
“It’s unbelievable. You know”
“Shall we tell them about it?”
“Who’s gonna believe it? Nobody”
“I don’t know. We ought to think about it”.
And surely they just thought about it and never told it to anyone. NASA has pretty strict policies on who can go on space missions and they thought that they might have to suffer if nobody believed them as NASA would not let them continue to work if it had doubts on their state of mind.

3 The lost tapes!

The recordings from the spacecraft were kept classified in the NASA archives until 2008, but still nobody knew about them. The tapes have now been released and listening to them is actually kind of scary and mysterious. The entire episode has been discussed on the upcoming series on the Science Channel named ‘NASA’s Unexplained Files.’ The show is to be aired tonight at 10 pm and you can watch the startling video and audio of the astronauts discussing on what they should be doing, after they heard those noises.

The lost tapes!

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4 The origin of the music-like transmission- Still a mystery!

Well, the scientist think that these sounds can be like the radio transmissions which come from the surface of Saturn and Jupiter, which basically happens because of the interaction of charged particles with the magnetic fields of the planet. But, as the moon has no magnetic field or even atmosphere, the interference cannot be possible. So, this reason also doesn’t hold true. This means that the sounds coming from moon have actually been the ‘Mysterious sounds with no known source.’ Take a look at some portions of the show here, before you can see it all on the episode tonight.


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