This mother’s response to all ‘Perfect Parents’ after boy was killed by an alligator in Disneyworld

Losing a child can be the worst thing that can happen to anyone. It doesn’t simply matter who you are, where you live and what you do, losing a child can be heart breaking and completely devastating. People who become parents can do anything to keep their children safe and sound, but ultimately, fate can play a cruel game and accidents can happen. But if such accidents happen and take the life of a child, parents cannot forgive themselves. Recently, a similar incident took place in Disneyworld, Florida involving a 2-year-old child. Read more to find out what happened and how a mother of four kids came out to support the parents.


1 2-year-old was killed by an alligator at Disneyworld

Usually Disneyworld is known as the happiest place in the world. The amusement and theme park in Orlando, Florida is known for its Disney themed rides and many shows featuring popular Disney characters, making it a place to spend some quality time, for both kids and their parents. The Graves family had a similar plan when Matt Graves, his wife Melissa Graves and their 2-year-old son Lane had come to enjoy a vacation in Orlando. But things became really unfortunate when, while vacationing nearby a lagoon, an alligator snatched Lane and pulled him into the water. Father Matt tried to save his child, but alligator proved to be much stronger and pulled the 2-year-old into the water.

 2-year-old was killed by an alligator at Disneyworld

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The Florida wildlife officials euthanized 5 other alligators in their search for Lane’s remains, and finally, after 10-15 days, his remains were found. There were puncture marks on his body and autopsy confirmed that he died due to drowning. There is also confirmation from the officials that the alligator, which pulled this kid into the water, was also found and euthanized by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

2 This mother supported the grieving parents

Unfortunately, many people on the internet blamed the parents of the toddler for the accident. But a mother of 4, Melissa Wenton actually wrote a very scathing post on Facebook, supporting the Graves family and slammed the people who blamed the parents for this unfortunate event.


She gave examples of parents being irresponsible and losing their loved ones. But she explicitly said that people, who sit behind the keyboards and cleverly criticize others on social media should rather offer support to them. She also said that such people will never know the pain that the Graves will go through when they put their little boy into a grave and also seeing the star of their eye being dragged into the water by the alligator.

4 boys mother

Melissa Fenton


She said many more things in support of the family, which you can read in the Facebook post.


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