Mother makes heartbreaking decision to deliver a terminally ill baby so she could spend a few moments loving her

To deliver a still born baby can be devastating and traumatic for any mother but what would you say to the heartbreaking incident where mother delivered her terminally ill baby expected to live for just 15 hours which isn’t even a day. When a pregnant Abbey Ahern 34, was informed after a 19 week scan that her baby was suffering from a terminal illness called anencephaly, you can well understand how she must have felt.

What would most parents do in such a situation, to be blunt, many would contemplate an abortion, but not Abbey. This courageous mother bred on the right principles, decided to deliver the baby even if it meant spending a few precious moments with her. She also decided to donate her organs.

1 The most difficult decision

According to her, Abbey Ahern from Cashion, Oklahoma, delivering her terminally ill daughter is the most difficult thing she has ever done. When her baby girl was delivered, the family which included Abbey’s husband Robert 34 and two daughters Dylan and Harper aged 5 and 7 spent just 14 hours and 58 minutes of precious life with her. They named her Annie.


Said Abbey in an interview: “Carrying a terminally-ill baby to term was by far the most difficult thing I have ever done. “For us, even in the midst of our terrible heartbreak we were able to see so much beauty.

Abbey Ahern from Cashion, Oklahoma

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