A Mother overcomes grief over drowned son to warn other against swimming in quarries

Perhaps the worst tragedy to befall any man or woman is the loss of a young child. It’s not only a nightmare, it is traumatizing to the point of being affected everyday to relive the tragic loss.


Even worse than losing your child is losing one to an accident that could have been avoided. Sally Yabra was unfortunate enough to lose her eldest son Jonathan 19, who drowned swimming in a quarry despite of screaming for help thrice.

1 Her son drowned despite of screaming for help

Today Sally Yabra is distraught. Her eldest Son 19 year old Jonathan Baksh drowned while swimming in a quarry on August 17th 2015. Despite his cries for help screaming three times, there was no one to help him. Although Jonathan has been dead a year now, sally still can’t forget her son and has even found out that his was not the only death. There have been other parents who have also lost their children drowning in quarries.


Today Sally Yabra feels she must rise above her own tragic loss and for Jonathan sake, tell the world her story so that the dangers of swimming in quarries do not go unnoticed.

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2 A year after her Death, sally realizes her true vocation

Sally yabra has become a kind of social activist advocating against the thrill seeking activity of swimming in quarries. Kids all around the US don’t really understand the implications and dangers of jumping into a hole from several feet above. It can be a deadly where depth changes and debris such as iron pieces or rocks may lie hidden beneath the waters with which an impact can be fatal.

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Sally Yabra who lives in Northampton County in New Jersey lost Jonathan the day he was celebrating a friend birthday. The group of teenagers decided to go for a swim in Martins creek Quarry located in the lower bethel area of Northampton County.

While grieving for her son, Sally would go regular to stand near the quarry gazing into the waters that took her sons life. It was there that she had a revelation on what she should be doing to protect others from meeting the same fate.


3 A social activist to warn others so they can protect their children

Sally Yabra is a regular visitor to schools in the district. She speaks to teachers and students handing out flyers which speak about the dangers of swimming in a quarry, the cliffs and the debris hidden in the water. Even more dangerous is the variation in temperatures where pockets of icy water can shock a swimmer and render him immobile till he drowns.

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4 Watch the video of Sally’s message

She has also placed several danger signs alongside the quarry itself which has already taken three lives including that of her son Jonathan. If you want to join sally’s quest in advocating the dangers of swimming in a quarry the sign this petition. You can also share this article on Facebook or social media to warn others of the same.


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