This mother left her baby with a babysitter, but was shocked to see her daughter in a viral video


There have been several instances worldwide where babies have suffered at the hands of babysitters. Some of the incidents are direct cases of abuse while some are results of negligence, causing the baby to suffer a varied extent of physical injury. Babysitter’s negligence may not cause a baby to suffer immediate physical harm, but it is even more dangerous when the effects show up later.

This mom in Indiana was actually dumbfounded and horrified to see a video making the rounds of the internet where a baby was being doused with water and to her shock, it turned out to be own daughter Annora.

1 The Horrible Act Captured On Video by an Eye Witness

Brittany Dixon had left her daughter Annora in the care of a babysitter. Little did she know that her baby would end up being the victim of abuse of a very different nature. Her baby became the subject of a video shot by a bystander who witnessed the baby being doused with water several times by her babysitter.


The woman who shot the video was Desiree Howell. The scene was played out at a local water park where she somehow noticed the baby sitter dousing the child with water over and over again. She immediately found the scene extremely disturbing and felt that it amounted to abuse by the woman. She shot a video of the disturbing site and posted it on social media.

Brittany Dixon's daughter

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