Mother Kangaroo killed in accident but wildlife worker sees little hand reach out from her pouch

Hit and run accidents are the worst kind and it takes a low breed of humans to do such things. Whether the victim is a human or animal, the senseless loss of life is deplorable. An unfortunate accident occurred recently on one of Australia’s highways. A mother Kangaroo was knocked down and killed by a hit and run driver. The most tragic aspect of the accident was that she had a Joey in her pouch at the time but fortunately the little Joey survived. The picture and video at the end shows how the little Joey reaches out from mother’s pouch.

1 Wildlife worker rushes to the scene but is too late

When Melanie Fraser a worker with Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network and Wildlife Victoria heard about the accident in which the Mother kangaroo was fatally wounded, she rushed to the scene to find the Kangaroo dying at the side of the road.


Melanie could do nothing for the female Kangaroo which had been hit by a car. She could only stand there helpless and watch it dying which it did shortly after. But after a few minutes, Melanie got the surprise of her life when she saw a little hand poking out of the mother’s pouch. It was a Joey reaching out from mother’s pouch. The baby was inside the whole time and was now trying to get out. It was most probably shaken up by the accident.

Mother Kangaroo killed in accident

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