A mom faced problems while shopping with her special needs child, so she invented this

Shopping can be a problem for the elderly or when you have a child with special needs. While there are several products invented to make life easier for such parents, shoppers remain dependent on the same old method of managing a cart and a wheelchair at the same time. That is cumbersome with no disrespect to the patient.


It was left up to one enterprising and creative mother, Drew Ann long who fed up with struggling finally invented the Caroline Cart and you’ll be thankful that she did.

1 It is a huge struggle to care for special children while shopping

It is a perennial struggle for those caring for elderly and special children having to maneuver shopping carts and wheelchairs in narrow shopping aisles. Drew Ann Long was constantly plagued with such a problem as she too was a mother of a 2 year old and a daughter with special needs. It wasn’t easy shopping with both.


Drew finally hit upon a remarkable idea and designed her own style of shopping cart that would serve the purpose of shopping plus catering to her daughters comfort. She named it the Caroline Cart, after her daughter Caroline.

struggle to care for special children

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2 Her invention became a countrywide sensation

Drew Ann Long never realized what a sensation her invention would become. It took grocery stores by storm and was a life altering product changing people’s lives for the better.

Now when people go to grocery stores, they ask for a Caroline Cart like this woman who wanted one for her 91 year old mother. While the cart was designed keeping in mind children with special needs, its extended use has now included the aged, elderly and invalid people as well.

Caroline Cart

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3 Used in all major stores across the country

In order to patent and manufacture her Caroline Cart, drew Ann Long founded the parent solution Group LLC and designed the cart with the help of engineering company Technibilt. Longs dream had finally seen reality. Today Caroline Carts can be seen in stores like Wal-Mart, target, Kroger and Food Lion. It is an ingenious invention and helps parents with a practical and comfortable option of transporting their child while shopping.


The elderly especially can do their shopping without moving around on a scooter or wheel chair. The Caroline Cart is a boon to many as more than a million children are disabled in the USA alone.

Caroline Cart in every store

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