Mother falls from 8th – story with baby in her arms. Miraculously the baby survived


Mothers are generally known to be the most aggressive when they just had their baby. Mothers have this overly protective instinct to protect their young, a characteristic present in both humans and animals. But the reality kicks in sometimes that mothers aren’t always as caring as they are thought to be especially when a mother jumps down a building with her child in her arms. This is a story of a woman in her mid-40s who decided to leap off their apartment from the eighth floor.

1 A Mother Takes A Leap of Death From The 8th Floor With Baby in Arms

Shocking news from Harlem, Manhattan puts 44-year-old, Cynthia ‘Cindy’ Wachenheim in the limelight. Cindy, a very successful attorney, lit the New York headlines when she leaped off of their apartment building eight floors high. Not only did it shock everybody who knew her personally but it shocked every stranger to find out that this suicidal leap was taken with her child in her arms. This raises multiple questions that led to nothing more but a mystery.

Cindy was recalled to be a friendly, jolly and outgoing person. She had a wonderful career and was currently enjoying a maternity leave from her high paying job. She was a devoted mother and was looking after her 10-month-old son, Keston. This shocking turn of events were made much more appalling when she left a 13 page suicide note describing herself as a horrific mother and that she must pay for her actions by taking her life.

A Mother Takes A Leap of Death From The 8th Floor With Baby in Arms

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