Mother and sister cry after meeting this girl, the reason will bring you to tears

Some tragedies are too hard on families, but even in those trying times, they go above and beyond the goodness of their heart and do something so good, that it comes back to them in the most surprising way possible.


When a daughter asked her mother for a unique gift, the mother decided to fulfill the wish and surprised her with something that she will remember for her lifetime. She got to hear the heartbeat of her brother once again, years after he was taken from them.

Find out what happened to the brother and how the gift brought everyone in the room to tears.


1 The girl

The girl is Aubrey Reeves, who is an 18-year-old normal girl with a very special heart. Aubrey suffered from a rare congenital heart disease. She had already undergone two heart transplants by the age of 10 years and unfortunately for her, her body had rejected both of the donor hearts.

Doctors said that it would only be a miracle if the family finds a third donor heart that matches Aubrey’s blood type. They said that it would be like finding a lottery for the family and fortunately, the lottery was won by them.

Aubrey got the heart from a kid named Mikey, who had unfortunately passed away in a car accident. This was in the year 2005.

The girl

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2 Mother and sister

Melissa Hernandez, 33 and her daughter Monique Salinas, 15 are the mother and sister of late Mikey, whose heart saved the life of Aubrey. Mikey was only 5 years old in 2005, when he was killed in a car accident in 2005.

The mother and the son had a thing where she would place her hand on his heart and his hand on her heart and say that, “Do you feel that boom boom? Every time you get scared and you miss dad or you miss mom, put your hand on your heart and rub it because mommy rubs her heart all day thinking of you.” Melissa had donated Mikey’s organs after his death.

Mother and sister

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3 The reason why the mother and sister met the girl

Monique, who turned 16, was celebrating her Quinceanera, an important landmark in a girl’s life in her community. She had asked her mom to listen to her brother’s heart once again. Unknown to her, her mother had arranged for them to meet Aubrey for the first time after the operation.

Aubrey had received not only Mikey’s heart, but also one of his kidneys. Her mother Cheryl said that her husband had done some research and found out that the heart belonged to a five year old boy.

But according to the donor registry, the contact and the meeting has to be mutual from both sides. And after 10 years, on Mikey’s birthday, October 26, Melissa called Cheryl to set up a meeting with both families. During the meeting, Hernandez invited Cheryl and Aubrey to Monique’s Quinceanera to fulfill her wish of hearing her brother’s heartbeat again.

The reason why the mother and sister met the girl

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4 Their reaction

As seen in the video, as soon as Monique and Melissa are introduced to Aubrey, both of them get emotional. Monique hugged Aubrey and said, “Don’t let go. Words can’t explain what I feel.”

The video shows Monique embracing Aubrey for a long time and Melisa hearing the heartbeat of her son after 10 years. Cheryl said, “Melissa [Hernandez] put her arms around both of them and I put my arms around Melissa. It was surreal and such a beautiful moment.”


The families met up the next day and talked about Mikey and Aubrey and were surprised to see the similarities that both the kids have. “Relatives at the party had come up to talk to me about what kind of kid he was,” said Aubrey Reeves. She even said, “I had noticed some changes in my personality after my operation, and the more I heard … this is not coincidental. He loved dogs, I love dogs. He loved Batman, I love Batman.”


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