This is the most viral video of the decade which grossed over 100 million views worldwide

Working day in and out can be monotonous especially when it takes the major part of your day. But, taking a break now and then isn’t a bad thing and if you’re stuck in the confines of an office, then watching something relaxing on YouTube can really get your knots untied.

If you want to be entertained, then what better way than to watch Evian baby and me, the viral video of the decade.

1 The most successful campaign of the decade

Evian baby and me is a video promotion for Evian that went instantly viral in 2013 and has been touted as the most successful video campaign of the decade. The water company’s commercial received 23 million views on YouTube and features the unique theme of adults watching their own baby reflections in a mirror and dancing in sync.

The most successful campaign of the decade

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2 Evian baby and me , This is how it starts

It starts off with one guy suddenly being confronted with has baby doppelganger and subsequently leads to others joining in. the fun. Evian as a brand major has always been connected with babies since its inception in France in 1935. It was promoted as the perfect water for babies and brand director Laurent Houel has used the theme successfully in Evian’s campaigns.

Evian baby and me

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3 Watch the video

The viral video of Evian baby and me has now amassed 137,801,237 views on YouTube. You can well imagine why it’s regarded as the best video of the decade. Without further ado, let this wonderful video lighten up your day.

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