10 Of the most Famous Exhibits of the Museum of American revolution set to open in April 2017

4 Painting Depicting the Battle of Lexington-Concord

The Battle of Lexington was regarded as the first real battle of the American Revolution, which resulted in a rout for the British, when they attempted to capture armaments stored in Concord. Hundreds of angry militia men descended on the British, attacking them from all sides till they were routed and forced to retreat into the cover of gunships moored in Boston.

The Battle of Lexington is also famous for Paul Revere, who had warned the town earlier that “The British were coming.”

Battle of Lexington-Concord

Image Source: www.campaign1776.org

5 English Pistols of General Muhlenberg

Could you have guessed that the Commander of Washington’s 8th regiment of Virginia, was an American German General? His name was John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg and somehow he got hold of these English Pistols and used them during the American Revolution.

English Pistols of General Muhlenberg

Image Source: www.deseretnews.com

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