10 Of the most Famous Exhibits of the Museum of American revolution set to open in April 2017

2 Lafayette’s Brazier

This 18th century brazier made from copper and iron belonged to Marquis De Lafayette, the man who played a major role in the French revolution of 1730. America will always remember him as the French military nobleman who fought along with Washington against the British. Lafayette was a good friend to both Washington and Jefferson. He gifted the Brazier to the famed commander of the American Revolution, Henry ‘Light Horse Harry’ lee.

Lafayette’s Brazier

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3 Tent That Served As General Washington’s Headquarters

This is the original tent and sleeping quarters of General George Washington, which also substituted as his official military headquarters. Credit goes to the Curtis and Lee family who has preserved the tent over generations. The tent was purchased by Reverend W Herbert Burk on behalf of the Valley forge Museum of American history; the seller was none other than Mary Curtis Lee, daughter of Confederate Army General Robert E Lee.

original tent and sleeping quarters of General George Washington

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