10 Of the most Famous Exhibits of the Museum of American revolution set to open in April 2017

Come 4th of July 2016 and America will be celebrating its 240th year of Independence. A nice Independence Day gift to give all proud Americans will be a preview into, one of the most significant of exhibits that make up the Museum Of American Revolution, that will open its doors to the public in April next year.

From personal effects of General George Washington to mesmerizing paintings depicting the iconic battle scenes, the museum has them all. The private museum will open its doors in Philadelphia next year and is based on the collection of artifacts belonging to the Valley Forge society founded by the Reverend WE Herbert Burk in 1909. Here are 10 of the most interesting exhibits of the American Revolution.

1 Gunpowder Horn

This powder horn used for storing gunpowder is engraved with slogans like ‘liberty or Death’ and belonged to a Virginia rifleman William Waller. In the battle for Fort Washington on Nov 16th, 1776, Waller was captured and taken prisoner by the British.

Gunpowder Horn

Image Source: www.newporthistory.org


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