10 Of the most Famous Exhibits of the Museum of American revolution set to open in April 2017

Come 4th of July 2016 and America will be celebrating its 240th year of Independence. A nice Independence Day gift to give all proud Americans will be a preview into, one of the most significant of exhibits that make up the Museum Of American Revolution, that will open its doors to the public in April next year.


From personal effects of General George Washington to mesmerizing paintings depicting the iconic battle scenes, the museum has them all. The private museum will open its doors in Philadelphia next year and is based on the collection of artifacts belonging to the Valley Forge society founded by the Reverend WE Herbert Burk in 1909. Here are 10 of the most interesting exhibits of the American Revolution.

1 Gunpowder Horn

This powder horn used for storing gunpowder is engraved with slogans like ‘liberty or Death’ and belonged to a Virginia rifleman William Waller. In the battle for Fort Washington on Nov 16th, 1776, Waller was captured and taken prisoner by the British.

Gunpowder Horn

Image Source: www.newporthistory.org

2 Lafayette’s Brazier

This 18th century brazier made from copper and iron belonged to Marquis De Lafayette, the man who played a major role in the French revolution of 1730. America will always remember him as the French military nobleman who fought along with Washington against the British. Lafayette was a good friend to both Washington and Jefferson. He gifted the Brazier to the famed commander of the American Revolution, Henry ‘Light Horse Harry’ lee.

Lafayette’s Brazier

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

3 Tent That Served As General Washington’s Headquarters

This is the original tent and sleeping quarters of General George Washington, which also substituted as his official military headquarters. Credit goes to the Curtis and Lee family who has preserved the tent over generations. The tent was purchased by Reverend W Herbert Burk on behalf of the Valley forge Museum of American history; the seller was none other than Mary Curtis Lee, daughter of Confederate Army General Robert E Lee.

original tent and sleeping quarters of General George Washington

Image Source: www.cbsistatic.com

4 Painting Depicting the Battle of Lexington-Concord

The Battle of Lexington was regarded as the first real battle of the American Revolution, which resulted in a rout for the British, when they attempted to capture armaments stored in Concord. Hundreds of angry militia men descended on the British, attacking them from all sides till they were routed and forced to retreat into the cover of gunships moored in Boston.

The Battle of Lexington is also famous for Paul Revere, who had warned the town earlier that “The British were coming.”

Battle of Lexington-Concord

Image Source: www.campaign1776.org

5 English Pistols of General Muhlenberg

Could you have guessed that the Commander of Washington’s 8th regiment of Virginia, was an American German General? His name was John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg and somehow he got hold of these English Pistols and used them during the American Revolution.

English Pistols of General Muhlenberg

Image Source: www.deseretnews.com


6 An Army Veteran’s Military Coat

This is a uniquely preserved exhibit. An army man’s coat belonging to Jacob Latch, who was one of those, camped at Valley Forge, during the notorious winter of 1777-1778. At that time, Latch was only 17 years old. He had enlisted in the Continental Army along with his father and brother.

An Army Veteran's Military Coat

Image Source: www.amrevmuseum.org

7 George Washington’s Silver Cups

These silver camp cups belonged to General George Washington. He used them for entertainment purposes when there were celebratory occasions. These two engraved cups were part of a set of a dozen similar cups, which were manufactured in Philadelphia. The inscription commemorating the revolution was engraved at a later date.

George Washington’s Silver Cups

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

8 Headgear of Hessian Fusiliers

This pair of decorative headgear was worn by soldiers of the Hessian fusiliers. Hessian troops were part of a 3000-strong German Hessian soldiers, hired from the German state of Hesse-Cassel to fight against the American Revolution. A number of German soldiers belonging to other states also saw action, fighting on both sides during the American Revolution. At that time, Germany wasn’t a unified country but was made up of small independent states.

The headgear was discovered during a dredging of the Delaware in 1915 and presumably came from a sunken transport ship that had sunk in the river in March 1778.

Headgear of Hessian Fusiliers

Image Source: www.amrevmuseum.org

9 Most Iconic Painting of the Revolution- March to Valley Forge

This is perhaps one of the most significant and iconic paintings of the American Revolution, marking Washington’s journey with his army to Valley Forge. Washington and his troops braved the terrible winter of 1777 -1778, where almost 2500 Americans died of starvation, disease and malnutrition. William Trego’s remarkable painting was exhibited at the Academy of Fine Arts, Pennsylvania in 1883. It was inspired by author Washington Irving’s Life of Washington. Valley Forge is one of the most iconic symbols of the American Revolution, depicting sacrifice, patriotism and valor.

March to Valley Forge

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org

10 The Oldest Stars and Stripes Belonging To Washington

And finally, we have for you, The Great American Stars and stripes, the standard of General George Washington himself. The Silk stars and stripes could well have been the earliest known American flag belonging to General George Washington. It featured 13 stars of the Union. The flag came into possession of General Washington’s sister, who descendants had preserved it over the years, till finally donating it to the Museum. This was the official standard, which signaled the General’s presence throughout the American Revolution.

The Oldest Stars and Stripes Belonging To Washington

The Oldest Stars and Stripes Belonging To Washington


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