The 10 most famous and disastrous Shipwrecks of Maritime History

As shipwrecks go, none can match up to these ten disasters in history. How do massive ships thought to be unsinkable like the Titanic actually end up sinking, is still a mystery. Even more significant is the fact that shipwrecks are such that it takes years to locate such as several warships of World War II.

Although, the Titanic was perhaps the most dramatized shipwreck in history, there have been equally devastating incidents of ships that have sunk. Here are the 10 most famous shipwrecks of all time.

10 MS al-Salam Boccaccio 2006

When water was used to douse a fire that had broken out in the engine room on the Ms Salam Boccaccio, little did the crew know that this would be their undoing? The accumulated water in the hull capsized the ship which resulted in hundreds of passengers being trapped. Because of poor weather conditions, rescue efforts were delayed, leading to the death of 1000 people drowning in the Red Sea. The owners of the ship, who were warned initially as to the deteriorating conditions on the ship were jailed in 2009 for negligence.

MS al-Salam Boccaccio 2006

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