Most disastrous events for human race in 2014-15

Life is the precious gift of God because it is given only for once. It is too unpredictable you never know what’s coming next, do not ever get too comfortable. Always be ready for change. These are the most unbelievable events for the human race which had change the meaning of life for many of us.

1 Gaza under attack

On 7-july-2014 the war against Gaza and Israel officially begun. Israel attacked Gaza to control Hamas. Gaza attacked Israel because they bombarded Gaza but in spite of these conflicts the lives of innocent people came on death bed. Gaza is the small crowded Arab enclave in Mediterranean just like a small rock jammed with 1.5m people. Israel dropped 100 tons of bombs and missiles on heads of Gazans out of which mostly are women and children. The life of the human is worthless. People not even think for once before killing their own being that which thing goes forward have to come back to you. The strongest people on earth are the people of Gaza. They are the real heroes who are still fighting for their land their love ones their religion. We might forget their sorrows and anger but God will not leave them alone because He is All-seeing, All-knowing.

Gaza under attack

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