12 Of the Most Bizarre Body Modification Trends In the World Today

The recent trends of body modification are getting more bizarre day by day. Body modification is the physical altering of one’s body to achieve a desired look. Body modification is becoming a trend to express oneself and freedom of thought through extreme and bizarre ideas of body fashion. Body modification isn’t new and it certainly isn’t exclusive to those with weird ideas of body modification. Certain trines around the world and especially Africa resort to several types of body piercing and modifications considered to enhance their looks or for religious purposes.


1The latest bizarre trend of body modification

The weirdest and latest example of body modification whose news has gone viral is of a Swedish artist, Chris Maibert who even attracted a lot of attention both online and offline after he shared a picture of a client’s ears. He had the inside of his ears removed. His Instagram pictures showed the center cartilage of his ears missing and the edges stitched. The cartilage in the center of the ear is called the conch.

Image Source: spiderimg

2Experts of not consider it healthy for the ear

The client who had the bizarre ear modification was Charles Bently who went all the way from Australia to have the procedure done by Chris. On his Instagram account Chris wrote “Fresh #conchremoval on @charlesvbently who traveled around the world from Australia to have this procedure performed by me,”


While Maibert’s post has sparked off a heated debate online as to whether something like removing the conch of your ear is a dividable or not. My any doctors and experts say it can impair hearing altering your ability to hear the direction of sound. It won’t make you deaf though.

Image Source: twentytwowords.com

3You can get your nails inked

The post by Maibert has also generated a lot of interest in body modification trends around the world and surprisingly, there are quite a few as you will see here. Take for example inked nails. Girls love this one where you can actually get your nails tattooed using a special laser technique that is less painful.

Image Source: reveliststatic.com

4Tongue splitting

 For those who want to be a part of the bizarre body modification trend, tongue splitting or tongue bifurcation is different from the usual tongue piercings that have been very popular for years. This is an emerging trend that cuts the tongue in half to resemble a forked tongue like a lizard or snake. It is catching on in several countries worldwide. The picture below is of another man who had his tongue split and ears also removed to look like a parrot.

Image Source: www.elitereaders.com

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