Monkeys should be able to speak like we do, but are unable to do so for this small reason

We have always wondered how different we are from our primate ancestors. We got a smaller, yet better brain, ability to walk upright (though we lost that awesome tail) and most importantly, the ability to speak. This ability has enabled us to evolve in a way that has brought us to where we are. But a recent study found something interesting about monkeys and their vocal tracts. Read on to find out.

1 The study to see if monkeys can speak

A talented team of internationally renowned scientists recently performed a study on the ability of macaques to speak like humans. Since they share more than 90% of DNA with us, scientists were curious as to why they didn’t get the ability speak during the evolution, but humans who evolved from monkeys can speak and developed languages during the same time. The scientists looked into X-Ray videos and record the movements of lips, tongue and larynx when they make noises. The data gathered from this study was fed into a computer and that computer program managed to simulate speech of macaque. Listen to how a monkey asking Will you marry me would sound like?


Well after you have heard this and have had nightmares, scientists found that monkeys possessed the anatomy needed to produce sounds similar to human speech like vowels and could produce full sentences. But one big thing keeps them from verbally announcing a war on us and that is.

The study to see if monkeys can speak

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