This mom uses Pizza as an excuse to save her and her kid’s lives. Find out what happened?

Sometimes situations get so bad in an instance that until you keep a calm and cool head, you might get into much more danger than you are already in. A mother of three came face to face with one such situation where their lives were in danger, but she didn’t lose her cool and found out a way to save her and her kids’ lives. Read to find out how.

1 The unfortunate situation

Cheryl Treadway

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Cheryl Treadway, 25, is a Florida resident and a mother of three. She lived with her boyfriend 26 year old Ethan Nickerson. Their relationship was not going very smoothly thanks to meth addicted Ethan’s tantrums and things came to a standstill one day when Ethan, who was high on meth held Cheryl and her three kids hostage. This all began on a Tuesday when both of them argued the whole day and when Cheryl went out to get her kids from school, Ethan took her cell phone away and followed her all the way to and back from school. The situation got worse when Ethan started wielding a large knife and held the kids and Cheryl hostage. After calming Ethan a bit, Cheryl got an idea to ask for help and that probably saved her and her kids’ life.


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