Mom lets her 2 year old play at home but is threatened with legal action from her Landlord


This is one weird incident you’re about to read about where a mom lets son play at home but ends up getting a complaint letter from her landlord instead. Sapphire Curzon from the United Kingdom couldn’t believe her eyes when she read a complaint letter from her landlord threatening legal action all because her son Callum was playing too loud.

The weirdest thing about the incident is the small little fact that Callum her son is just 2 year old.

1 Shocked at getting a complaint

Sapphire allows Curzon to play with his toys in his room just as any mother would. What she didn’t know was that the little guy made so much noise while playing that it disturbed neighbors who complained about the racket the little boy was making.


It was then that Sapphire received the landlord’s note threatening an ABSO or Anti social behavior order. Now isn’t that hilarious.

Mom lets son play

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