Model criticized for doing something to her daughter, no mother would do


The priorities of a married couple change when they have a child. Their time is then focused on the little human and the time they get to spend with each other becomes less. Parenting is a tough thing and each has their own way of raising their kids and some of the methods they adopt may not seem so thoughtful to others.

An Australian model recently posted something about how she raises her daughter which caused her to see such a backlash that she had to post an explanation and replies on her original post. Read what she wrote that caused a massive outrage.

1 Model who is under fire

28-year-old, Rachael Finch is a well known model from Australia. Finch has been a very successful model, TV host and dancer and was also awarded ‘People’s Choice Award’ at the Miss Teen Australia 2006 beauty pageant. She also finished as the 3rd Runners Up at the Miss Universe 2009 pageant. She has also appeared on the famous ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Australia TV show and works as a TV host for the Seven TV Network. She married her Dancing with the Stars partner Michael Miziner in 2013 and gave birth to a daughter in the month of November of that year, whom she named Violet.

Rachael Finch Australia model

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2 Reasons for criticism!

Model Rachael Finch recently revealed in an Instagram post that she leaves her two-year-old daughter with her mother-in-law every weekend so that she and her husband can spend some quality time together. She said that, “Every weekend (Violet) goes to Mish’s mum’s house, and we get our weekend to ourselves. She feels that it is incredibly healthy for the relationship and also added that when on Sunday, they pick her up, they have their 100 per cent energy back.

According to the schedule, Violet s looked after by her father during the mornings, while Finch’s mother Colleen Zablocki takes over the duties to look after the toddler while Michael goes to teach his dance classes. “It was very much career and travel, which still exist, but the priorities have become Violet and family, because you have this little thing that’s dependent on you, “says Finch.

She says that by leaving their daughter with her granny, both she and Michael can have some quality time together without worrying about their daughter. She says that this can also save your marriage, which may come apart as the spouse can feel that he/she is been sidelined as the child requires majority of the attention.

Model Rachael Finch recently revealed

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3 How people have reacted?

Finch has been the focal point of the debate since she shared the Instagram post along with her statement of leaving her child with her in-laws every weekend. She has received a lot of criticism over the statement with people posting scathing comments on her post in replies.

“Don’t have kids if you aren’t prepared to be a mother,” said one Instagram user. Another critic said: “Every weekend? Really? Yep I’m judging your parenting. Grow up and stop being selfish. Aren’t weekends for family?Especially your children?!?”

People have been really critical of Finch for letting her kid being governed by her grandmother, her mother and her mother-in-law and having some time with her husband.

Model Rachael Finch recently revealed

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4 The mother says what she feels!

Rachael Finch replied to all the criticism she received. She posted a picture of her daughter with her on Instagram and wrote, “A Mother should never be made to feel they are not good enough for their child when they are doing everything they can to keep them safe, happy and loved. Only the parents of a child truly know what is best and should always have faith in their decisions.”

She also said that the time violet spends with her grandmother is extremely important in the development of her as the grandmother will only impart proper education and also give her the values that she passed onto her daughter.

Rachael Finch replied to all the criticism

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