Obvious But Easily Missed Pieces of Information That Very Few People Realize

3Why blind people wear dark glasses?

Blind and visually impaired people are known to wear dark glasses which many people believe are so that they don’t stand out in public. People believe these glasses make us understand that the person has a sight-related issue and make us feel more comfortable talking to them as we don’t see their eyes. But, this is not why blind people wear dark glasses.

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The Truth

If you’re out and the sun is bright you will naturally squint your eyes or try to get away from the direct light. That is because your eyes are working just fine and can’t relay signals to your brain when they are in discomfort so that you can protect them. People who have sight related issues can’t feel when their eyes are in discomfort and the dark glasses protect their eyes. Long exposure to UV rays can cause inflammation of the cornea as well as a higher risk of getting cataract or ocular cancer.

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4Why onions make you cry

For anyone who has ever been in a kitchen or cut an onion you know you tear up the moment you cut the first slice. This is where the popular comment under any emotional video on YouTube came from “Who’s cutting onions here?” Cutting onions make you teary and that is a fact. But, did you know why that happens?

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The Truth

All vegetables produce a chemical called ‘polyphenols’ when their skin or covering is damaged. This is a defense mechanism for vegetables to protect themselves from hungry predators. Onions do the same but they release an irritating chemical called ‘Propanethial-S-oxide. When the onion is cut the chemical is released and it evaporates into the air resulting in an irritation in the eyes of the person who is cutting the onion.

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5Why all flags have a design on the top left corner?

You may have noticed this little fact that most flags of many nations have a single design but on the top left corner, there is another design. Take the American flag, for example, the majority of the flag is red and white stripes but the top left corner has the stars, why is this?

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The Truth

The top left corner of the flag is known as the ‘Canton’. The reason for this is because when a flag is on a flagpole and there is no wind, the flag in limp. This means that only the left corner is held up and is more visible than the rest of the flag. This is why the ‘canton’ of the flag contains the most intricate details in the flag.

Image Source: www.federalflags.com

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