Obvious But Easily Missed Pieces of Information That Very Few People Realize

Do you know the difference between white and brown rice? Do you know why flags are designed the way they are? Do you know why you get teary when you cut an onion? All these questions and more shall be answered today.


This article is for educational purposes and will help you widen your knowledge. Have you ever wondered why the distress signal at sea was ‘SOS’ and nothing else? Have you ever wondered why blind people wear sunglasses when they can’t see?  We have all the answers and explanations you need. We hope you enjoy and learn something new form this article.

1Brown rice is actually white rice

Many people have argued about the nutrition value of brown rice over white rice for ages. Research does support brown rice being more nutritious over white rice because it contains more fiber and antioxidants as well as a few more vitamins than white rice. White rice has been called a source of empty calories and carbs containing only a few essential nutrients. But, did you know white rice is actually brown rice?

Image Source: nutritiouslife.com

The Truth

Brown rice is just white rice that hasn’t been processed. These two different types of rice are actually the same, just at different timelines or stages. White rice starts out as brown rice before processing. During the processing period, the brown rice grain is stripped from its husk, bran, and germ (this is a small nutrition rich core inside the grain). This results in a white grain of processed rice.

Image Source: memestatic.com

2Ajax cleaner

Ajax is the brand name of some widely used household cleaning products that was first introduced in 1947. Over time as the company grew bigger and more well-known it introduced a whole line of other household cleaning products including detergents, cleaners, and disinfectants. Over the years the brand gained a good following of loyal customers and the effectiveness of the product has been proven to be one of the best. But, did you know the brand’s name came from a Greek legend?

Image Source: www.colgate.com.my

The Truth

Ajax was the son of Telamon who was the king of Salamis. The exceptional fighting skill of Ajax was seen during the Trojan War. After Achilles, Ajax was said to be the next greatest fighter. The reason a cleaner brand named its products after Ajax was because of Ajax’s power and the way he could fight and ‘clean up’ in battle.

Image Source: www.salamina.gr

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