Miss Puerto Rico crowned Miss World 2016. Here are some facts about her

The 66th edition of the Miss World beauty pageant has just been completed two days ago in Washington and the winner is none other than the very beautiful Ms Puerto Rico Stephanie Del Valle. The iconic pageant established by CEO Julia Morley saw 100 countries taking part where the usual 5 made it to the final round.


Miss Puerto Rico crowned Miss World means that the young 19 year old law student will have a huge task on her hands living up to the expectations of the much sought after post that requires a grueling year of social work.


1 The final five

Stephanie Del Valle was overwhelmed when she heard the final announcement declaring her the winner. Said the 18th yr old law student, “It was a great honor and a great responsibility to represent my country”.

The final five

Image Source: www.kapamilya.com


2 The runners up

The first runner up of the Miss World pageant was Yaritza Miguelina Reyes Ramirez of the Dominican Republic while Indonesia’s Natasha Mannuela was declared second runner up. Evelyn Njambi Thungu of Kenya and Catriona Elisa Gray of the Philippines made up the five finalists. The grand pageant too place at the National harbor near Washington DC.

The runners up for 2016 Miss world

Image Source: www.indianexpress.com


3 Five facts about Stephanie Del Valle

She is the second miss world from Puerto Rico since 1975
She is a student of Pace University New York City where she is studying for her bachelor’s degree with a major in communications and pre major in law.

  • She is fluent in 3 languages, English, French and Spanish
  • She is a musician and an entertainer

Stephanie is chief model to Puertan Rican designer Carlos Alberto who designed her clothes for the Miss World Pageant. The fact that Miss Puerto Rico crowned Miss World has rekindled hope for the country’s beauty industry again. Watch the defining moment




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