Miracle Child Born With Unformed Twin Sister Growing Inside Of Her

Childbirth tends to be a great experience. Apart from the obvious complications and pain, many women attribute the happiness associated with childbirth to the outcome – the child. However, this can turn into a nightmare for many parents. Having twins is always a risky situation.


There are chances of many things going wrong and the parents cannot control it. Fetus-in-fetu is one of those nightmarish situations. Can you even try to imagine a mother’s reaction and panic if she was told that her tiny child has a tiny twin inside her tiny abdomen? You can’t and nether can we.

1The Miracle

Reports began emerging in late February 2019 that a woman in Colombia gave birth to a baby girl only to find that her twin was living inside her abdomen. You might be wondering how this can be possible or was it due to some mutation or something else but this is actually a rare instance and this has happened before in medical history.

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This is the name of the rare instance and it has been reported in medical history around 100 times before. The earliest example of this case was described by George William Young in 1808. This has been estimated to only occur at a rate of 1 in around 500,000 births. This is truly a rare instance.

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3Who was the mother?

The mother is Monica Vega who lives in Barranquilla, Colombia. When she was 35 weeks pregnant she had a scan done to make sure her baby was doing fine. This is when the doctors found via the scans that the baby could have a liver cyst. This was done by using a black and white scan.

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4The truth

After the doctors believed it to be a liver cyst a color scan was done which revealed a shocking discovery. There was a tiny twin fetus with its own umbilical cord growing inside the baby girl’s intestines. This shocked the mother and the doctors. In Asia, a handful of cases were reported where the child was born and after that, the doctors realized that the abdominal cyst was actually a fetus.

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5The baby girl born

The baby who was born on February 22nd, 2019, was named Itzamara. Dr. Miguel Parra-Saavedra called this case one of the strangest and most fascinating instances he has seen in maternal-fetal medicine. What was supped to be a normal birth broke new grounds when Dr. Miguel Parra-Saavedra spotted the abnormality.

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