This miracle baby weighed less than 1 pound at birth; see how different she looks years later

Sometimes you have to believe that things would happen despite the situation and people saying that things and tide are against you. Miracles do happen if you believe in them and this is story of a miracle baby who was not given any chance by doctors to survive, yet she did and amazed everyone.

1 The baby and the rare condition she suffered

Eric and Tammy Koz were very excited to know that they were going to welcome a baby in their lives. Despite the excitement and nervousness of knowing that someone will be joining their happy family, they were given a jolt of their life as Tammy was diagnosed with Lupus. This increased that there will be miscarriage. But Tammy remained optimistic, but at 19 weeks, doctors told her that the baby was not growing at the rate she should be and advised her to terminate the pregnancy to wait until 27 weeks and deliver the baby. Dr. Jenson said, “We said we could deliver at that point; her survivability was quoted at basically zero percent. The other option was to try to get her to 27 weeks and then deliver her with a survivability probably still under the 5 percent number.”

Tammy decided to wait and was put on bed rest and was asked to visit hospital everyday for checking if the baby was alive or not.

baby and the rare condition she suffered

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