Miracle baby cheated death with the help of an angel-in-disguise!!

Meet Sarah Conque, a passionate young missionary who has done the unthinkable and acted as one of the best representatives of humanity. By accepting an unwanted baby suffering from hydroencephaly and bringing her up as her own ward, Sarah has proved that there still exists goodness in a world bereft of human conscience and values.


Sarah is just 28 years old. As a certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Sarah had been consistently working to alleviate child suffering in Haiti where treating and caring for children with deformities has become her life’s mission. As a young graduate, Sarah worked for the Danita Children Medical Center in Haiti. She moved there from Louisiana in 2013. Sarah’s story of saving a baby, who is being called the miracle baby, is both heart breaking and heartwarming.

1 Little Baby Nika, a Social Outcast at 3 Months Old

Nika was a little three month old baby whose mother was ashamed of her condition. Nika was suffering from hydroencephaly with a brain slowly enlarging due to accumulated cerebrospinal fluid. Nika was also suffering from extreme malnutrition and in dire need of emergency care. Her mother would wrap her in blankets to shield her away from onlookers out of shame. Nika at 3 months was a social outcast. It was sad that her malnourished condition was due to sheer parental neglect. Had Nika been older she would had definitely been emotionally scarred.


Nika was brought to the attention of Sarah Conque when another woman entered into the medical facility with Nika. When Sarah saw Nika, she no doubt had a lump in her throat. Till that time, it seemed that for 11 month old Nika, humanity had unfortunately ceased to exist. She was a cursed child. Nika’s weight was recorded at 6 pounds out of which the majority was cerebral fluid.

Little Baby Nika, a Social Outcast at 3 Months Old

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2 What Sarah Conque Saw When She Entered Nika’s Home Horrified Her!

Sarah was not a woman to give up. She decided to locate Nika’s home and her birth mother. When she reached the place after an investigation, what she saw horrified her. Nika was alone lying there helpless on a sack of rice. All around her was garbage!!

Haiti is a place with local communities living on superstition. As a result, Nika’s deformities were frowned upon by society. Her mother tried several ways to avoid the social stigma; she even tried working as a prostitute and had even contemplated abortion when she learnt of Nika possible illness. Perhaps the day Sarah Conque walked into Nika’s home, it was to be the best day of Nika’s life.

What Sarah Conque Saw When She Entered Nika’s Home Horrified Her!

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3 The baby could have died

When Sarah persuaded Nika’s mother to allow Nika to stay in the orphanage, the mother agreed. In her website little warrior Nika,Sarah writes, “The first week Nika was in my care, it hit me just how neglected and malnourished this sweet little girl was.” Nika was dying!! Her organs were on the verge of shutting down but Nika was a fighter. She had already lived passed doctor’s expectations. She was going to live for some more!! Sarah was told to start praying for her survival and inevitable death!!


Little miracle baby Nika,survived!! How she did it will always be considered a miracle but she survived her ordeal and started to respond to the treatment. Sarah was overjoyed on hearing that Nika was getting better. Sarah took Nika and became her legal guardian in February 2015. Even Sarah’s partner Stephen accepted the little baby girl. It takes courage to adopt and accept a dying child like Nika. “I don’t know where I’d be without his support”, says Sarah about her partner Stephen.

The baby could have died

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4 A Living Miracle

Today Nika has a loving family in Sarah Conque and Stephen. The family celebrates Nika’s birthdays and all the happy milestones in the life of a growing child. Nika’s life took a turn for the better when her second neurosurgery was successful. Living with a VP shunt implant, her brain was emptied of the excess fluid and shrank 2 inches. It is almost near normal size.

Here are Sarah Conque and Nika;both living proofs of the miracle union where one human being stood up for another and gave her life. Little NIka wasn’t meant to live,she was diagnosed with certain death but Sarah Conque stood by and took Nika’s hand and the baby lived.

A Living Miracle

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5 An Inspiration to the World

The story of Sarah Conque and miracle baby Nika is an inspiration to many across the globe. From a social outcast, Sarah has made Nika a miracle baby, who is being blessed by people from all over the world. Well wishers constantly send heartwarming messages of encouragement and prayers for the welfare and health of little Nika. Today Nika is 2 years old and according to Sarah, she is a great personality with an attitude too. Nika lives with Sarah Conque in America and has her won website started by Sarah www.littlewarriornika.com. Sarah also solicits donations for Nika’s ongoing treatment in the USA where Nika is courageously battling her condition and making remarkable progress day-by-day.

An Inspiration to the World

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What can be said of Sarah Conque and Nika? Perhaps god never really abandons people. As long as there are angels like Sarah Conque in the world, there will always be hope for humanity!!


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