Creepy and mindboggling then and now images released by NASA

NASA, the USA space agency has not only explored the space and given us answers about space that we all wanted to know, but it has developed such advanced technology that now we can see the results of our own doings to our planet first hand. Here are 4 then and now photos of various places on Earth that have been severely impacted by both man and nature.

1 The Aral Sea

The Aral Sea is a sea lying in between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. It was formerly one of the four largest lakes on Earth before the Soviet Union decided to divert the water from the rivers that fed the lake in order to supply that water to nearby countries in the 1960s for vast cotton and crop productions. By 2007, the lake has declined to just 10% of its original size and the above photo shows the implications of playing with nature. By 2014, the Eastern basin of the lake had dried up completely and is now known as Aralkum desert.

The Aral Sea

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2 Aru range avalanche

Recently the world saw one the largest avalanches in the history of this planet as snow and debris started tumbling down a narrow valley in the Aru Range in Tibet and killed 9 people, 350 sheep and 110 Yaks in the village of Dungru. The pile of debris was up to 30 meters (98 feet) thick across 10 square kilometers (4 square miles). The cause of avalanche is not clear, but NASA released a comparison of images that shows signs of changes weeks before the event happened.

Aru range avalanche

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