10 Mind Blowing Science Facts You And Your Friends Didn’t Know About

11Owls are silent when in flight

If you haven’t noticed but the wings seen on an owl are quite different from the ones on other birds. What difference is that? The feathers on an owl’s wings are larger than average. The edges of the wings are serrated, which is not seen in any other bird. Lastly, the wings are covered in a velvety material that absorbs sound from the wing movement.

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12The experiment

To test this, an experiment was conducted in which an owl was made to fly from one side of a large room to another with nothing in it other than a microphone. The sound recorded was not even audible. Unfortunately, there is a sad angle to this advantage. Owl’s feathers can retain water easily which makes it dangerous for them to hunt in wet weathers or even approach a water body to drink from.

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13Facts about the human fetus

Here are some interesting facts about the human fetus. The baby in the womb is asleep 95% of the time and the oxygen in the womb is as much as the oxygen found at the peak of Mt. Everest. The womb is designed to let the baby grow while it sleeps. The womb is warm, cushioned and has sleep-inducing fluids to keep the baby asleep as it grows.

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14The force a shoelace knot experiences

Have you ever noticed something that no matter how tight you tie your shoelace, after a long run they open out again? A research team at the University of California, Berkeley has gotten an answer as to why that happens. When you run your shoelaces experiences forces up to 7G and that is the reason why they loosen up. Shoelaces experience up to 7 times more the gravity we feel.

Image Source: www.sciencemag.org

15The miracle of liquid oxygen

Liquid oxygen exists between −218.79°C ( −361.82°F) and −182.962°C ( −297.332°F) and is a bit denser than ordinary water. The reason we’re calling this liquid a miracle is because when it is poured into a strong magnetic field it gets suspended. The liquid doesn’t obey Curie’s law and behaves like a paramagnetic material.

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