10 Mind Blowing Science Facts You And Your Friends Didn’t Know About

6What does this mean?

If you didn’t know, life wasn’t always terrestrial; and before it became terrestrial it was aquatic and animals mostly laid eggs in the water that protected them and prevented them from drying. A normal egg has three layers, one protects the embryo, the other provides nutrients and the last is the hard shell that encases everything. So, after centuries of interbreeding and domestication, the previous chicken type animals laid eggs that led to the creation of today’s chickens.

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7Pure water is not a good conductor of electricity

Pure water is filtered and every impurity that can be found in water is removed through the process of distillation or deionization. There are many layers of filters that are used to purify water. They include carbon filtering, electrodeionization, ultraviolet oxidization, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, etc. Purification removes all of the positively and negatively charged ions and thus makes the water a bad conductor of electricity.

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8How does water become a conductor of electricity?

So, if purified water is a bad conductor of electricity? How does water become a conductor of electricity? It is simple, salts and impurities that contain negative and or positive charges make water a good conductor of electricity. But, what is pure water used for? Pure water has many industrial applications such as in pharmaceutical, cosmetics industries.

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9The mesh inside a microwave oven

A microwave oven uses microwaves which is a type of electromagnetic radiation between infrared and radio waves. If you open a microwave door you’ll see a black mesh and believe it or not, that can actually physically block the microwaves emitted. This stops the radio waves being emitted by the microwave from interfering with other equipment.

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10The flashes of light you see when you rub your eyes

Try this, close your eyes and rub them gently. You might see a few flashes of light while doing so and this is called “phosphene”. These are caused by electrical and magnetic stimulation that is the result of rubbing our eyes. People who were in the dark for too long or meditate for hours have reported experiencing this feeling.

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