8 Mind blowing facts about the richest leader of the world – Vladimir Putin


Vladimir Putin is probably the most powerful national leader in the world, even more powerful than American president at one point of time. Since 1999, when he took over from Boris Yeltsin, he has constantly being present on the world stage either as the President of Russian Federation or as the Prime Minister of Russia and now he is back to being President again. Though there have been reports of rampant dictatorship like governance by him in Russia, especially the invasion of Crimea, Putin is largely seen as mysterious figure thanks to his background and his leadership.

We bring to you 8 facts about the Russia Federation premier that will blow your mind.

1 Loves Aircrafts

Vladimir Putin is a licensed pilot and once co-piloted a plane in order to put out a forest wildfire. He is said to have 15 helicopters in his personal fleet and a total of more than 58 planes that he uses from time to time. The most impressive aircraft is the IlyusinII-96 model aircraft.

Loves Aircrafts

Image Source: www.lifeglobe.net


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