Drinking 2 Cups of Milk Daily Can Increase Risk of Breast Cancer in Women By 80% Says New Study

Who would have thought that milk can give you breast cancer? It may sound absurd and suspect but then again you can argue with science which now says that drinking two cups of milk can actually increase your breast cancer risk in women by 80%. The NHS has been recommending the consumption of cow’s milk because of its being a rich source of calcium but research done in California now says that people should be cautious in following such guidelines because it could increase your risk of breast cancer after a study was done involving 53,000 women.


1Even one third cup of milk was associated with cancer risk

What was very worrying to the research was that one-third of a cup of milk that equals a small latte was also associated with an increased risk of 30%. The study looked at 53,000 women and found a very worrying common factor among all of them. Even as the existing US dietary guidelines say that we should drink at least three cups of milk per day, researchers at Loma Linda University in California say that the recommendations should be viewed with caution.

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2The study was an extensive one involving 53,000 women

The study researched 53,000 women over a period of eight years. It found that even when a small amount of milk was consumed daily, it spiked up the risk of breast cancer. 1.3rd cup was associated with a 30% risk while one full cup or 240 ml per day increased the risk by 50%. Those who drank 2 to 3 cups of milk daily hiked up their risk of breast cancer in women by 80%. Researchers were stated that the results of the study was from observation and a cause for this increase was yet to be ascertained. But they believe that the culprit was a hormone that is present in cow’s milk that was to blame.

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3The possible culprit according to the scientists

It was insulin-like growth factor (GFD-1) that has also been featured in earlier studies that scientists say can promote the initial stages of tumor development. Breast cancer is one of the most prevailing and common cancers in the UK and US that affects the lives of 55,000 British women and 276,000 Americans every year.

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