Michelle Obama Shares Her 7 Golden Rules for Happiness and Says You Can Adopt Them Too

Michelle Obama besides being the former second lady was a fine example of woman empowerment.  She was much loved as a social and public figure where her inspirational talks and activity made her the center of attention.  Her memoirs called “Becoming” have become a bestseller in the USA. The book describes her life story from childhood and life with her family. It describes her happiness, her sadness, and life’s challenges that she faced becoming what she is today. She describes her rules and principles which she follows as her own mantra for success and happiness and that is what is being shared here with you. She doesn’t describe some hard rigid or disciplined rules but easy and inspiring things that we can all adopt in our own daily lives. Here are 7 of Michelle Obama’s guidelines for success.


1Accept your failures as opportunities to learn

Michelle Obama once gave a speech in 2016 which was part of an international seminar on girls right to education. Her speech was very encouraging and inspired young female students to care and support each other without the fear of failure. She says “The only way you succeed in life and the only way you learn is by failing. It’s not the failure; it’s what you do after you fail. Do you quit? Do you give up? Or do you let it bolster you?”

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She outlines the same advice in her book

Michelle Obama also describes this value in her book where she emphasized how women need to take failures head one as they emerge. She says failure is actually a feeling that one experiences even before failure can actually happen. It is more the vulnerability and thought of losing or being unable to accomplish something that makes people think of themselves as failures. “Failure is a feeling long before it becomes an actual result. It’s the vulnerability that breeds with self-doubt and then is escalated, often deliberately, by fear.”

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2Don’t view your challenges as disadvantages

Michelle Obama narrates how she was a working-class black student at a fancy college with mostly white students. She was the only African American woman in every type of room. In fact, she also recalls how the guidance counselor at Princeton once told her “I’m not sure that you’re Princeton material.” He did not even bother to ask her identity or who she was.

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Such prejudice did not destroy her

This woman did not allow any prejudice to get to her nor does any obstacle to knock her off her feet. She says it is important for anyone to realize overcoming adversity and facing it is the best advantage anyone can hope for. When delivering a motivational speech to students, she says she has seen and experienced prejudice which only made her more resilient and determined. “You should never view your challenges as a disadvantage. Instead, it’s important for you to understand that your experience facing and overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest advantages. And I know that because I’ve seen it myself.”

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