Police found something very strange at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

Michael Jackson is considered to be one of music industry’s greatest icons. The pop singer, song writer and dancer is widely known for his dance moves and his great singing voice. He is rightly called the King of Pop and was one of the highest selling performers till his death on June 25, 2009. Apart from his musical talents, Jackson is also remembered for his antics including dangling his new born son from a balcony in front of media, numerous plastic surgeries and accusation of child molestation.


He was involved in a case where he was accused of molesting children and giving alcohol to them, but was acquitted of all charges. However, online news website Radar Online has published documents that will shock many of the fans of the late pop star. See the article to know more about what was found in the 2003 police raid.

1 Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

The Neverland Ranch Valley is owned today by the Estate of Michael Jackson and is approx. 3000 acres. It was brought by Michael Jackson in 1998 and named Neverland after Peter Pan fantasy story. He had his private amusement park, hoards and hoards of exotic animals like Llamas and chimpanzees amongst others in a petting zoo. The ranch also had two railroads in the amusement park. But after Jackson’s death in 2009, the ranch fell into despair. Finally the ranch was put on sale with an asking price of $100 million despite protests from Jackson’s fans and family members. It is still on sale at the James Edition by Sotheby’s International Realty-Montecito-Coast Village Road Brokerage.

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Recently images and report of a police investigation and search of the Neverland Ranch came out and it contained some very disturbing evidence about the perverted nature of late singer which may arise questions on his acquittal in a child molestation case more than a decade ago.

2 Horrors that were found by police on searching the Ranch

Police had conducted a raid at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in November 2003 before Jackson was charged with counts of child molestation and giving intoxicating drinks to a minor. The reports seem to unearth plethora of proof of Jackson’s depraved mentality according to the site Radar Online, which published case documents and Kelly Hoover, who is a spokeswoman for the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office said that they seem to be copies of reports that were written by the Sheriff’s office.

Horrors that were found by police on searching the Ranch

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


Police has described that most of the documents found in the ranch were of erotic photos like images of naked children or scantily clothed. There were also life size replicas of Batman and Superman along with working arcade games, which the prosecutor who worked on the Jackson case said were to desensitize children. Investigators also found drugs that could have been used for treatment of sexual abuse.

3 Reaction of the Jackson Family

Investigators found most of the photographs from a locker in a storage room facility where the Neverland staff had hidden them. There were more such incriminating photos hidden by the staff of the ranch and investigators had no doubt what were Jackson’s intentions behind hiding and piling such images and material.

Reaction of the Jackson Family

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However, a representative from Jackson’s estate has blasted the expose by Radar Online and has said that everything in the reports and all the content has been collected from the internet and has been cleverly timed with the anniversary of Jackson’s demise. Jackson’s nephew, Taj Jackson tweeted “Not only is there absolutely no truth to this story whatsoever, but I’m truly sick of this crap. #getalife and stop living off ours.”


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