Mercury is going to sail across the Sun on 9th May – Here’s How to Watch

Some events happen in the world that can only be viewed once in a life time. Our solar system is a big one indeed and on May 9th, something will happen that doesn’t happen quite often in the space and it will be visible from Earth.

It is an event that is a must-not-miss-event for space enthusiasts and sky gazers. Mercury, the smallest and nearest planet to the Sun, will sail across it on May 9th and this article has most of the information you need to witness the event.

This event is taking place for the first time in this decade and will not happen again for close to 20-30 years or so. So if weather permits, don’t forget to catch a glimpse of the first planet of our solar system travelling across the Sun.

1 Mercury

Mercury is the first planet of our solar system. It is also the smallest planet and the closest to the sun. Mercury’s orbital period is equivalent to 88 Earth days and has no known satellites. The planet does not have any atmosphere and therefore temperature on the planet varies from -173 degree Celsius in night to 427 degree Celsius in day time. Mercury also orbits the sun within the Earth’s orbital path and can be seen during the day in morning or evening.


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