13 Mental Traps That illogically impact and Control Our Lives

9The “positive expectation” traps

This tendency is usually seen in gamblers who believe that the chain of losses are just a path for them to hit the jackpot eventually in which they will come out richer and successful than ever before. Most of them fall flat on their faces but the core belief remains intact.

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10Rhyming phrases

It does sound childish when we actually analyze rhyming advertisement or slogans that have a lasting impression on our minds. This is why politicians and businessmen use rhyming slogans to attract the public and well it works for them superbly!

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11There is always more bad news

When we read our daily newspapers or watch news channels, it’s mostly the bad news which attracts us always as we find it more authentic and relatable. In today’s big bad world with the dog-eat-dog culture, good news somehow seems fictional and unreal and that’s why they are quickly ignored and pushed back instead of being celebrated as something nice is happening in the world as well. This is the level of cynicism we have reached today and it’s a shame.

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12The IKEA effect

We place a great emotional value on something even if it’s an ordinary knit sweater or cap by our moms or grannies, but if the same thing is put in the shelf of a superstore we won’t even notice them. The articles no matter how ordinary is always given way more value and significance. This is called IKEA syndrome in which the value of any stuff automatically increases if it’s homemade no matter how ordinary or sub-par.

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13The “superiority over others” traps

In an experiment conducted in which a bunch of drivers were invited for a test run, it was recorded that almost all of them regarded themselves as the better driver than the rest without even waiting for the others to showcase their skills. This overestimation of our own skills goes beyond just driving but in every other aspect our lives such an attitude makes our failures all the more tough to digest.


The only way to reduce these flaws is to try and breakout from the mental and social traps and stereotypes in which we have stuck ourselves into and start seeing the world and ourselves impartially.


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