13 Mental Traps That illogically impact and Control Our Lives

5Excessive generalization

If you have been cheated by one cashier in the bank or supermarket, people automatically loose trust from the whole profession and think each and everyone dealing with your money is a crook and would cheat you which is very unfair and wrong.

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6The majority can’t be wrong

Since time immemorial, people believe in following the “flock” as they think that the whole community cannot be wrong if they believe in something whether it’s a religion, cult, profession or trade. We tend to invest in a firm because we see all our colleagues and friends doing it; it’s the same when we have to choose our school or university and even our political preferences. If we see a crowd following some path we rather go that way without making any sound judgment of our own and even try to traverse a less trodden path.

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7We remember only our best traits and actions

Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman postulated that people always have this tendency to believe that their thoughts and ideas are always correct and no matter how many counter-arguments are thrown against their notions, people rarely change their core beliefs at all.

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8Our brain thinks that we are different people in the future

When people are asked how they perceive themselves in the next 5 years or a decade, you’ll be surprised how unrealistic their perceptions are, it’s almost as if they see themselves as different individuals, devoid of all their inherent flaws. It is impossible to achieve the perfect personality but one should make a constant effort to better yourself. However, people generally do not see the struggle involved but just the final results of their ultimate dreams.

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