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There are so many of us who would have our dream house. Probably, you want that castle of the kings and queens or a totally big mansion, but there are some that are too creative and would be interested to be totally unique to other people. In this article, you will know the story of a Canadian family who had made their dream house come true and it will surely amaze you.

Have you ever dreamed of flying away with your loved one on a distant, isolated island and thought how romantic and awesome it would be? How about, living in a totally floating house and just enjoy your life in there?

Well, Wayne Adams, 66, and Catherine King, 59, thought that too and they did not only dream of that, they made it into reality. Yes, that’s right. Except, they decided to build an ‘island’ of their own off the coast of Tofino in Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia. Just thinking of it will surely make you in awe so read more and see how they have done this!

1 It is Extraordinary

The couple started building their own extraordinary haven positioned in the coastal inlets of Cypress Bay, in 1992. According to them, their home has always been an ever-changing project since its first construction over two decades ago. For the past years, they have put lots of effort just to build what they have right now and it was a very rough start. They keep changing this and that, they don’t have an exact plan, but it eventually grow as time passes by.

It is Extraordinary

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2 It Is Their “Freedom Cove”

Their home which they dubbed as ‘Freedom Cove’ is an astounding self-sufficient wooden structure consisting of twelve interconnected platforms that support living spaces, an art gallery, 5 greenhouses, a lighthouse and a dance studio which are all interconnected through a wooden pathway. So, if you want to go to the other part of the house to do some of your activities, then you may just learn the art of walking in the wooden pathway, above the water.

It Is Their “Freedom Cove”

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3 It is Self-Sustainable

The pair’s household is completely self-sustainable by means of greenhouses producing fruits and vegetables all year round. There are also 14 solar panels and photovoltaic energy generators which serve as sources of electricity for the whole structure. They get their drinking water during winter months from rainwater and collects drinking water from a nearby waterfall during the summer. The couple used to have a hen house in their floating home but they decided to retire on livestock due to the abundance of predators around the area feeding on the hens. They basically live in their own “island” as everything that they need is provided to them, and they are not going to have problems with the possible foods and other things that they may need to use.

It is Self-Sustainable

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4 It is for the Family

Currently, the pair lives with their two children, Eleanor and Alistair, close by with some deer, wolves, otters and birds which they enthusiastically consider a part of their dynamic environment. However, the family recounted that there are certain creatures that pose a great threat to their household, like a 30-pound rat, because of their regular gnawing at the foundation of the floating building.

Another notable feature of the floating fortress is the bright blue-green and pink painting of the buildings that clearly shows the artistry of its dwellers. Indisputably, the couples are naturally artistic and their creativity is evident in the imaginative facade of their home.

It is for the Family

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5 It’s Wayne’s Masterpiece

Wayne Adams started carving at the age of twenty four and began carving ivories in his thirties. At the age of thirty-four, he became a full time artist. He used his pension to purchase an 8 ½ feet elephant tusk where he carved his largest masterpiece, Cachalot. Presently, Adams is works on fossilized ivories and over 2800 pieces of his artworks are found in British Columbia which can be purchased locally and internationally.

It’s Wayne’s Masterpiece

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6 Catherine King is His Queen

His wife, Catherine King, started dancing at the age of 3 and had performed for CBC television on several occurrences. She holds an Honors Degree in Dance with a double major in Ballet and Modern dance. She also performed as an actress, plays piano, clarinet and flute. She met her husband as she ventured in the healing arts. It was in 1987 that they have been together and since then she has been into poetry, painting and carving. The couple’s carvings are available for sale in Tofino. They support themselves by selling their works in local shops, other times internationally. Moreover, they get additional income with the fruits and vegetables obtained from their own garden.

Catherine King is His Queen

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7 They Are Happy and Satisfied

The Adams family is more than happy to accept visitors and take them for a tour around their exceptional float house. Undoubtedly, this inventive pair is living a unique lifestyle off the grid on the coast Vancouver Island, British Columbia. They are living proof of just how marvelous it is to live fearlessly away from civilization.

They Are Happy and Satisfied

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8 Visit Them!

So, what do you think of their floating house? It is really amazing right? There are some people who become interested in visiting the place and you can also do that if you are planning to have your vacation in Vancouver Island. They will be pleased to have you as one of their visitor and they will love to tour you inside their small island house.

It had all started with their dream, now it becomes reality. The Adams family taught us to become brave, to don’t give up and simply make your dream possible, no matter what the circumstances is. Because, at the end of the day, you are the one who will enjoy what you have worked for.

Visit Them!

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