Meet Steve Fugate, the real life forrest gump whose walk across America will inspire you to live and love life!

When Steve Fugate decided to walk across America like Forrest Gump, it wasn’t in a bid to amuse people because the comedy of movies doesn’t always spill over to real life.

Steve Fugate was a man who suffered the most profound tragedy in life. First a failed marriage and then the unbearable death of both his children. But do you think Steve gave up on life?? No!! Steve Fugate was a resilient old man. He did the most amazing thing possible.

Through his self styled walking therapy, he traversed all of America on foot carrying a placard which said “LOVE LIFE”. His message of celebrating Life over death went on to inspire hundreds of Americans suffering a similar fate.

1 Tragedy in 1999 Left Steve Fugate Devastated

For Steve Fugate now 70, Tragedy struck 17 years ago in 1999. That was when his marriage failed. Even his business was suffering. He couldn’t cope and decided to go trekking on the Appalachian trails to forget his worries. He left his 26-year-old son Steve Jr. in charge of the business. Little did he know that his son too was suffering from problems of his own! Steve returned to the next harsh blow of life. The suicide of his son.


It was then that he decided it was all too much for him to bear. From his grief sprung an idea. He would walk away the pain; he would make people believe that memories of life should matter more than death. He made a large placard saying “LOVE LIFE” and set upon his most arduous journey of walking across America.

Steve Fugate Devastated

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