12 Amazing medical facts that unravel the mystery of the human body

Evolution’s most mysterious and wonderful creation has always been the human body. Throughout the centuries and even now, medical scientists discover something mew about the human body in relation to medical science. How our physiology responds to new cures and medicine depends on the vast storehouse of knowledge amassed over the centuries whose analysis reveal fascinating facts. Here are 10 such amazing medical facts concerning medical science and the human body.


1 When a child’s pupil appears white instead of red in a photograph

Such an occurrence is a sign of retinoblastoma which is a type of eye cancer. Retina blastoma cells form rapidly during pregnancy and make up the retina. In some cases, their constant division could also lead to an eye tumor which is known as retinoblastoma. It usually attacks children below 5 with almost 300 being diagnosed every year.

when a childs pupil appears white instead

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2 You can transplant a toe in place of a lost thumb

Toe to thumb transplantation are possible because according to surgeons, the toe is the most suitable replacement. Microsurgery connecting nerves, arteries and veins make it possible for the toe to be transplanted where it adapts to the new structure and even decreases in size. The first successful toe to thumb transplant was done in 1964.

You can transplant a toe

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3 High Stress Can Literally Kill Your Brain

According to medical studies, prolonged periods of stress can impede the brains cognitive function of learning and controlling impulses due to neuron damage.

The stress hormone cortisol damages the hippocampus which is responsible for learning and negatively affects the amygdala which is that art of the brain that stores memories.

High Stress Can Literally Kill Your Brain

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4 Did you know about the danger triangle of your face?

The bridge of the nose and corners of your mouth form a triangle known as the danger triangle of your face. In certain rare cases, even if you pop a pimple in this area can even lead to facial paralysis and death. The main reason for this is the facial vein which connects with the cavernous sinus that is in close proximity to the inner layers of the brain called the meninges.


danger triangle of your face

5 Sugar can even heal wounds

In ancient Egypt, sugar was used to dry and heal wounds. According to Professor Rudy Siewert, chairman of surgery at Klinkum Rechts Der Isar in Munich, sugar treatment is making a return in medicine. Dr Richard .A. Knutson an orthopedic in Greenville tried using a paste of sugar and iodine on bacteria resistant wounds and found it successful. He has cured 6000 patients till date.

Cheete Ki chaal, Baaz ki nazar aur Bajirao ki talvaar par sandeh nahi karte. Kabhi bhi maat de sakti hain.

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6 Skinny jeans can cause nerve and muscle damage in the legs

Research has proven that wearing skinny jeans can cause nerve and muscle damage in the legs especially when squatting in them for prolonged periods. Tight trousers can also contribute to heartburn and twisted testicles in men. One woman suffered a condition called compartment syndrome as her legs had swollen inwards because her skinny jeans prevented it to swell outwards.

Skinny jeans can cause nerve and muscle damage

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7 You can die in 24 hours even after drowning without immediate symptom

An amazing medical fact is dry drowning which is a frightening possibility where a victim suffers asphyxiation from water in the lungs even after being submerged and pulled out of the water. There are no immediate telltale signs and the victim will seem normal. However the symptoms are fatigue and tiredness with breathing difficulties leading to death the most famous case of dry drowning was of 10 year old Johnny Jackson of South Carolina who dies an hour after returning home from swimming.

drowning without-immediate symptom

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8 Sunburn damages the DNA of your skin cells

Sunburn doesn’t just damage your skin cells; it damages the DNA of your skin and modifies its structure. In normal cases, skin cells cure themselves and regenerate but when they are too damaged from the UV rays of the sun, they either die or lead to the condition of melanoma or skin cancer.

Sunburn damages the DNA of your skin cells

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9 Sleeping for less than seven hours can increase your mortality rate

Lack of sleep is associated with several problems such as obesity, diabetes, depression, poor cognitive function, stroke and several psychological problems. It also decreases productivity and ruins one’s life. Lack of sleep reduces immunity and makes your body susceptible to disease.

Sleeping for less than seven hours

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10 CPR Can Be Performed To the Beats of the Bee Gees’ Classic “Stayin’ Alive”

The classic song by the Bee Gees ‘Stayin Alive has the rhythm of 100 beats per minute. That is the same rate of CPR recommended by the American Heart Association. Another song which CPR can be performed to is Queen’s “another one bites the dust”.

classic song by the Bee Gees

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11 Paper towels decreases bacterial counts while a dries increases it

Drying your hands with a paper towel decreases bacteria by 60 % whereas using a dryer can increase it by 255%. Research found that the friction of paper removed bacteria while drying did not. However experts also say that it isn’t a problem as hand bacteria also protects you from other harmful bacteria trying to invade your body.

Paper towels decreases

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12 Magic mushrooms can cure depression

Among amazing medical facts is how research has proved that Psilocybin the main ingredient of magic mushrooms can reduce depression by targeting the default mode network responsible for depression. According scientists, psychedelic mushrooms have a spiritual awakening effect on a person which could help treat depression.

Magic mushrooms can cure depression

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