12 Amazing medical facts that unravel the mystery of the human body


Evolution’s most mysterious and wonderful creation has always been the human body. Throughout the centuries and even now, medical scientists discover something mew about the human body in relation to medical science. How our physiology responds to new cures and medicine depends on the vast storehouse of knowledge amassed over the centuries whose analysis reveal fascinating facts. Here are 10 such amazing medical facts concerning medical science and the human body.

1 When a child’s pupil appears white instead of red in a photograph

Such an occurrence is a sign of retinoblastoma which is a type of eye cancer. Retina blastoma cells form rapidly during pregnancy and make up the retina. In some cases, their constant division could also lead to an eye tumor which is known as retinoblastoma. It usually attacks children below 5 with almost 300 being diagnosed every year.

when a childs pupil appears white instead

Image Source: www.unbelievable-facts.com


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