A Billionaire found a massive Sinkhole beneath his Golf Course that revealed something spectacular

Very recently Billionaire Johnny Morris found something weird happening to his golf course in Missouri. A major chunk of the course caved in to form a huge sink hole. Obviously he was stunned to find the phenomena occurring right there in his backyard and of course it wasn’t a common occurrence. It isn’t everyday that a sinkhole appears on your property.


Experts advised Johnny to fill up the large crater instead he got curious. When the fish and tackle magnate decided to do a bit of exploring of his own, he got the shock of his life because what he found down there was astounding if not amazing. What Johnny though to be a usual sinkhole turned out to be something different entirely. The sinkhole beneath his golf course revealed a cave system right there on his property and a massive one at that.

1 What he found in the sinkhole was fascinating

The sinkhole which saw tons of earth being swallowed into the ground intrigued billionaire Johnny Morris. The 68 year old who founded the mega chain store Bass pro shops was also an avid explorer. He decided to get the earth excavated from his gold course near Branson in the Ozarks mountain range.


Although Morris suspected there was something more to the sinkhole which opened up on his golf course. There was bound to be a cave or a cave system existing down there but what he actually found was beyond his expectations.

sinkhole in golf course

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2 This Sinkhole Revealed Spectacular Phenomena

Morris has an estimated net wealth of $ billion having made most of his fortune from his fish and tackle business. Till date he is the head of 98 stores being part of the Bass pro catalog which opened in 1974. It was in 1993 when he first found a cave existing on his grounds. The cave was photographed and explored by National Geographic and was revealed to be a chapel of sorts.

It was because of this that Morris was even more intrigued by the massive sinkhole beneath his golf course. There was bound to be some link with what he found earlier. The sinkhole appeared in late 2015 and measured 40 ft x 70 ft. instead of heeding authority’s suggestions to fill it up, he commenced an excavation right there on the golf course.

Sinkhole Revealed Spectacular Phenomena

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

3 A Large Massive Cave System of Limestone Formations

The excavation led to the fascinating find of tall limestone formations which stretched into a further tunnel of caverns starting from the cave. According to The US geological Survey, Missouri, Florida and Texas are states which have a considerable amount of area with underlying water soluble rock. As such the areas are al prone to sinkholes where 16, 000 sinkholes have appeared in Missouri alone.

Large Massive Cave

Image Source: www.topoftherock.com

The sinkhole beneath his golf course could well be a spectacular system of limestone and rock caves that could stretch for quite a distance. It could also be connected to the cave found earlier on Johnny’s property.


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