Man’s Rectum Slips Out Of His Anus While Mobile Gaming On The Toilet For 30 Minutes


A prolapsed rectum isn’t impossible and has been known to occur in both men and women. It is a condition where part of the large intestine slips outside the anus. It can be a problematic condition with no control over leaky stools, pain and others. Perhaps this is what one man went through in China when his rectum slipped out of his anus all because he spent an unusually long time on the potty gaming!!

1Rectum slips out of his anus while trying to poop

The man from southeast China who preferred to remain anonymous was rushed to hospital after his rectum slipped out of his backside after spending half an hour on the potty. As per a doctor’s statement, he was gaming while trying to poop and that’s when his rectum slipped out in a clear case of prolapsed rectum.

gaming in the toilet

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2He suffered a rectal prolapse while gaming on the toilet

The man had to undergo surgery after which a huge mass measuring 16 centimetres and sticking out of his anus was removed. The incident which took place in Zhongshang Guangdong Province was an unusual one for the doctor. The man had been trying to poop for over half an hour while gaming on the toilet when he suffered a rectal prolapse.

rectal prolapse while gaming

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3Required surgery to remove the huge mass

Ultimately surgeons were successful in removing the 16 cm mass that was the prolapsed part of his large intestine sticking out of his anus.

surgery to remove the huge mass

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4What doctors had to say

The treating doctor Su Dan of the sixth affiliated hospital of Sun Yat Sen University revealed the man’s condition whom he said was suffering from a prolapsed rectum. He also mentioned that the case was a severe one where the doctor had revealed that the man had suffered such problems before since childhood but had not treated it making it worse.

rectam scans

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5Even his innards were bruised

When medical scans were performed on him, a ball-shaped mass was seen emerging from the man’s anus. His intestinal wall was also found to be bruised with marks of blood all around. Doctors initially thought that the man’s condition was a result of sitting on the toilet too long.


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6What is rectal prolapse?

Rectal prolapse is a condition in which the last part of the large intestine slips out of the anus because of losing its attachment or grip inside the body. It telescopes out of the body through the anus turning it inside out.

It is uncomfortable but it does not pose an emergency problem but it does affect a person’s quality of life and can be embarrassing because of the failure to control leaky stools.

What is rectal prolapse

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7A rare occurrence

Prolapsed rectum affects just 2.5 out of 100, 000 people yearly and is mostly seen in adults both men and women. However, women beyond the age of 50 are at increased risk of such a condition six time s more than men. Such patients facing the condition have also related conditions of autism, psychiatric problems and development delay that require them to take a lot of medication.

Prolapsed rectum

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8How can it be treated?

The only way to remedy the condition is surgery. There are two types of surgery in the prolapsed rectum. One is from the abdomen and the other is through the anus. Surgeons feel that given the health of the patient and taking in account several factors such as age and extent of the condition, abdominal surgery is the most preferred way to ensure permanent repair of the problem.

surgery in the prolapsed rectum

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9What happens if you don’t treat rectal prolapse

When untreated, rectal prolapse does not turn into cancer, it can get larger over a period of time and also lead to permanent problems such as fecal incontinence. Here are the various problems associated with prolapsed rectum.

treat rectal prolapse

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10Your rectum can prolapse further when standing

Untreated rectal prolapse can start to enlarge where it will be easier for the prolapse to happen even when standing because of repeated stretching of the anal sphincter.

Untreated rectal prolapse

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11Nerve damage

Because of repeated stretching of the anal sphincter, there can also be nerve damage. You may have to manage the problem by wearing support garments that can prevent the prolapse from slipping out all the time. Your quality of life deteriorates considerably if you don’t treat the problem.

Nerve damage

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12Steps to determine rectal prolapse

The only recommended treatment should be is to see a colon surgeon or rectal surgeon as natural treatments are unlikely to remedy this problem although they can help manage the discomfort. A surgeon will advise a colonoscopy to determine other factors like hemorrhoids or colon cancer. Whenever you find you are at risk of a prolapsed rectum, see a doctor immediately.

Steps to determine rectal prolapse

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