The man who woke up from 12 years of vegetative state says he heard and remembered everything!

Some people look for inspiration outside, while some are inspired from within! Those of you who are unsatisfied with life and are looking for an inspiration, read on to know how blessed you already are.

With the mystifying reality of Martin Pistorious’ life that came into limelight recently, all the claims about the vegetative state of mind stuck in a dilemma. A question has been tossed in front of the human race – how much do we exactly know about our lives, the human brain, and happenings inside our soul? There have been a number of researches over the century about the vegetative state of mind. But with a few recent cases, everything appears to be clueless.

When Martin Pistorious shared his feeling of what he went through during the 12 years of his partially vegetative state, there was an array of emotions and mixed reactions from the readers. Some of them appreciated his strength and willingness to survive, while others cursed the human incapability for Martin’s pain and agony.

Martin Pistorious

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