A Man Whose Wife Divorced Him Shares Touching Marriage Advice He Wishes He Knew Before

11Be fully open and transparent to her

In a marriage nothing should be hidden, bare your soul to her. Let her see all your scars as well beauty. If she is fine with all your faults, she is a keeper because she will trust you with her soul too and open up her darkest secrets to you as well. Never be judgmental of her past mistakes and use it against her and lose that precious trust.


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12Forgive instantly

Unless doomed with really serious stuffs like violence or abuse, minor riffs and arguments should never be entertained for long. Resolve them as soon as possible and leave it behind. Move forward and do not let small disagreements burden your moving ahead with your life.


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13Keep growing together

Like everything important a relationship also needs constant work and attention like a flower which needs constant air and water. Trust, respect, understanding and forgiveness are important for the growth of any individual as well as 2 people in relation.


14Choose love…always!

At the end of the day it is love which lives on and binds two people together from the altar to the grave. This love creates a beautiful family which also spreads the joys forwards to the next generations and so on. So, live in love and let nothing else come in between that.


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