A Man Whose Wife Divorced Him Shares Touching Marriage Advice He Wishes He Knew Before

6Control your own emotions

Your wife is not exactly paid to entertain you or act like a clown every time you come back from work in a horrible mood. She is your partner not your pet. It’s your job to be mature in your emotional control and try to share your happiness and problems in a respectful manner like a true partnership. Brooding, blaming, shouting, acting moody shutting yourself away makes the relation horrible with only one person to left to run the whole show and trust me she will not do it for long if you are making a habit of it.


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7Stay silly

Both of your sense of humour drew you close when you fell in love, then why kill that laugh and smile once you are married? Just because you have jobs and responsibilities that does not mean you cannot be silly with each other as usual and can’t laugh about everything especially the circus called life? Moment you lose that humour, you lose your marriage as well.


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8Let her be

The biggest mistake men do is to belittle the problems their wives face at home or work; they have this nasty habit of comparing them with their problems and saying “what would you have done if you were at my place if such small issues are bothering you so much? Or better still, the prize for the meanest response goes to “with this weak attitude you will never be able to do anything worthwhile in your life, rest of the ladies are doing it why can’t you?” Those hurtful, insulting words are actually walking all over her esteem. She does not need your sarcasm but support and advice. Don’t complain later that your wife is always distant and never shares her problems or accomplishments with you ever.


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9Be present

When you decide to spend quality time with your wife, treat her as the most important person in your life because as matter of fact, she is. Be it watching TV or movies of her choice to eating out in a Mexican diner because she loves it. You should be completely invested in her as she is in you and listen when she shares her heart out to you because she loves you. Don’t act as if it’s a chore that you must perform and you have much better things to do later on, because she will guess as much and your chance of bonding is gone.


10She needs space, so give it to her

Let her spread her wings when she is too tired and takes a break from kids and taking care of her house, you and her work. If she wants an alone vacation, a shopping spree or visit to parlour, theatre or book store let her be. She will return fulfilled, rejuvenated and happy and trust me that’s all you want. Loosen up all the strings attached to her for a while.



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