A Man Whose Wife Divorced Him Shares Touching Marriage Advice He Wishes He Knew Before

Going through a divorce is a traumatic affair as you separate from the person you once loved in an ugly circumstance and have a life full of regrets. Nor many people come clean regarding the actual reasons for their parting ways as it makes them vulnerable and sometimes the scapegoat for the destruction of marriage. But fortunately, one man had the true fortitude to come forward and share all he thought he could have done better to save his marriage and his pointers can be used as advice to all the couples who may be going through the same rough patch in their marital lives.


1 Keep dating her, even after the marriage

It’s a typical male habit that once they have married their love of their lives and claimed as their wives, they soon start taking them for granted. Once married she is expected to be the model wife and nothing more. If you want to keep your wife stop acting like a Bi-polar fool and remain consistent as you were for her before.

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2Keep falling in love with her again and again

People change over the years maybe you were this extremely loving man, patient and romantic when you married but after few years you became boring or critical about everything about her. Your compliments and appreciations have dried off and trust me it will get worse by the years. Stop it right now and remind her why you both fell in love at the first place and spend quality time together. Otherwise, as you grow more distant (men usually use their work as their silly excuse) … your wife will move on to someone else.

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3Don’t try to change her

Remember you were charmed by her real personality and character in the first place so why try to change something which you already love? Over the years every person naturally changes in habits, thoughts, attitudes but so do you. So, the idea is to embrace the changes which are occurring gracefully and with love and remember at core she is the same girl whom you fell in love with and married for life!

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4See the best in her every day

It’s just the simple way to approach your love life and your partner, if you just concentrate on her faults and shortcomings you would be annoyed, overtly critical and irritated and lash out at her always. Whereas if you try ignoring the faults and look at all the good things about her, you’ll find she is one in a million, the reason for which you chose her to be yours it the first place.

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5Never ever blame her for something that made you angry

Some men are simply stupid as they blame and lash out at their wives for silly things going wrong with their jobs or life and take their frustration on them for no reason. If the laptop is not working or the dues are not paid in time, just go and bark at your wife for something or the other, insult her cooking or living habits. This is just plain cowardice and feeble act of bullying which is asking for big trouble. If there is a problem share it with your partner and listen to her if she has any suggestions. Never dismiss her by saying she has no clue about problems or life in general as this is insulting the intellect of the wife.

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