This man gets a pleasant and emotional surprise when he attended a function to felicitate him

The Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia and Poland and the Holocaust committed by them remains one of the most atrocious acts of torture and ethnical cleansing in history of mankind. The holocaust cost the lives of six million Jews and 5 million non Jewish people by the Nazi party of Germany, led by Chancellor Adolf Hitler. But this is a story of a man who started and successfully ran a rescue operation saving lives of 669 children from Nazi occupied Prague and the video is a must see video in recognition and respect of one of the most brave and charitable humans ever, Sir Nicholas Winton.

1 The man who saved lives from Holocaust

In 1938, Sir Nicholas Winton was just a young 29 year old stockbroker from London who was enjoying holidays in Switzerland when he received a call from his friend Martin Blake who asked him to come to Prague immediately for an assignment. The time in 1938 was the height of the Nazi regime and Nazis had just annexed a huge part of western Czechoslovakia and had prepared for the bloody war against the German and Austrian Jews. Winton knew he had to help thousands of children from Prague and when he asked the British embassy for help, he found out that he had to families willing to take in a child and a fee of 50 pounds was to be deposited to the home office.

The man who saved lives from Holocaust

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