Man uses a McDonalds Box and an iPhone to create the most stunning images ever

You may have the world’s most expensive camera but that doesn’t mean you become a photographer. There is much more to good photography than a camera and that’s why some photographers are magicians when it comes to creating art through a camera lens.

1 You don’t need sophisticated equipment

To challenge the assumed fact that good photography requires expensive sophisticated equipment, French celebrity photographer Phillipe Echaroux has produced some of his finest works in his new installment of portraits that display the brilliance of creativity over gadgetry. This photographer uses a McDonald’s box and his iPhone camera to deliver stunning portraits. Take a look.

French celebrity photographer Phillipe Echaroux

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2 A DIY photographers rig

This photographer created a photo rig using a drinking straw a Big Mac Burger Box, a flashlight and used his iPhone. The results of course are devastating. He is an inspiration for your own DIY photoshoot.

DIY photographers rig

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3 Professional images

He showed how there is more to photography than expensive photographic equipment. His images turned out detailed and professional.

Professional images

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4 You don’t need to purchase expensive cameras for a good photo

Camera equipment is expensive and not everyone can hope to purchase such items. But Philippe Echaroux has proved that you don’t need such things to get great pictures.

cameras for a good photo

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5 An awesome photoshoot

This is what his rig looked like after he completed it. He then uses this to photograph his subjects. He chose several subjects for a photo shoot.

 An awesome photoshoot

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