This man sends out a horrifying warning when he gets burnt after making chimichuri sauce

Getting burnt at a barbeque isn’t surprising as firing up a grill could be dangerous if you aren’t careful about it. But what if you find yourself in emergency after getting burnt from one of the least expected sources. Not only would that seem weird, it would mean a definite stroke of incredible bad luck which is what Adam levy found out to his utter dismay. This man burnt after making chimichuri sauce comes as a huge surprise and a huge warning too from all those preparing a barbeque. So remember, not always are the flames to blame. Adam suffered a bad case of margarita rash.

Adam Levy of a Minnesota band, The Honeydogs was at a home celebratory event in honor of his daughter’s graduation. The backyard barbeque was going perfectly and Adam was entrusted with making the chimchuri sauce which he did.

1 Strange red patches on his hand

The next morning Adam woke up to find red patches on his skin and as the day progressed, the condition became worse. Adam was actually suffering from burns in multiple spots on his hands and he did not have the faintest idea why. As a man burnt after making chimichuri sauce, Adam thought it to be sunburn; he never really gave it much thought until the rash started swelling.


When blisters began to appear, Adam started worrying and realized it wasn’t the sun to blame, it was something else. His worst fears were confirmed when his doctor gave him bad news.

Strange red patches on his hand

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