15 Male Secrets Revealed By Men That Women Don’t Know About

If women claim that men don’t know a lot about them, then it is also the other way around. This is why it is entirely possible that men and women don’t really understand each other well. However, the reason why several relationships flourish is the willingness to understand one another and the compromise of each other’s habits to take the good with the bad. That being said, the only way to understand someone and get the right answer is to ask the right question. It is as simple as that. Some fun research on Reddit revealed a list of things that men are often worried about, get mad at, get happy at or be hung up about.


1Men don’t really care how popular you are among other women

@Mongoose wrote: “Ladies, we don’t care how popular (or unpopular) you are among other women. So these things shouldn’t affect your self-esteem in a relationship.”

When a man is in a relationship with you, it’s you that matters, and how other women look at you doesn’t make much of a difference to him.

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2When he feels like a Ninja

“Whenever a guy takes off his underpants, kicks them up in the air and catches them with his hand, he feels like a real ninja!” @Ur_Boi_SlippyD03

Men need to feel good about themselves once in a way and when you see them kicking off their boxers in style, they are most probably imagining themselves to be real macho men.

When he feels like a Ninja
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3When a guy wants to be alone

“When we want to be alone, it’s not that we don’t want to be around you, it’s that we don’t want to be around anyone for a bit.” @aestusveritas

Well, that’s the truth. But, both men and women just can’t understand why the word alone doesn’t include them being present.

When a guy wants to be alone
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4A man who loves you will always see you in the same light

“As an older man, we don’t expect you to look like a supermodel as we age together. Yes, at times I do see you as I did 30 years ago and every wrinkle and flaw disappears. Yes, there are times I see every wrinkle and flaw, and know how you got every one of them. They are beautiful too.”@Duesizzle

Yes, a man who loves you won’t expect you to look gorgeous forever since you both are ageing together but there will be many a moment when he sees that same beautiful woman when she was 20 or 30. Then the wrinkles all seem to fade in his mind.  Man who loves you will see the beauty in your aged looks as well.

A man who loves you will always see you in the same light
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5Men don’t like speaking about their depression

“Many men have anxiety and/or depression but we will not talk about and will get moderately annoyed at you for bringing it up.”@jamestar1122

Yes, this is very true. Men just do not like admitting and speaking about their depression. Call it a toxic ego or masculine thing whatever but that’s how it is.

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