Want to know what do your lips say about you as a person? Find out!


You can know many things about the person you are meeting just by looking at their faces. Their face have cues that can say many things about what kind of persona they are, what they like, what they dislike and even what kind of personality they might have.

One such facial feature is the lips. Especially on a woman, lips can tell a lot about their personalities and major likes and dislikes. Different types of lips can tell different things about the person like their strength, their weaknesses and their preferences.

Read to know what type of lips say what and check out your lip type.

1 Thin Lips


People with this lip type have fuller and thicker lips. These lips tend to be dense and also form curves when these people smile. The lips give a good compliment to the face as they become the most attractive part of their face and attract immediate attention.


As for the personality type, generally people with fuller lips love to lead an adventurous life and also prefer challenges in their day to day life. The challenges provide them with a high and stimulate their brain. They also love themselves and like to keep themselves happy and prefer a partner that showed some daring in order to ask them out.

They are not well organised people and are also very vocal about their thoughts. Women with fuller lips tend to be active, independent and sexy.

Thin Lips

Image Source: www.thegloss.com

2 Full Lips


Women with thin lips look attractive and incline to expand wider than others while smiling. They are articulate and highly selective in whatever they do. They also go for quality over quantity and give importance to some sense over others and then tend to neglect others.

Full Lips

Image Source: www.brit.co


Women with thin lips are very popular wherever they go and are perfectionists in their working. They also possess lots of talent and are successful in whatever they do. These women are determinant in their nature and pave their own way in life.

3 Small and thick lips


These types of lips are small in size, but the shape is not thin. Instead, these lips are fuller and self-contained. The shape is very close to that of buttons.

Small and thick lips

Image Source: www.pinimg.com


People with this type of lips are very curious in nature and are generally well known because of something big that they did. Also women with such kind of lips are very attractive. But beware; they also tend to have a rebellious nature. They make friends very easily and due to their outgoing nature, they tend to be the centre of attraction and attention everywhere they go.

4 Bow shaped Lips


The shape of the lips strongly resembles that of a heart or a bow and looks beautiful when they inflate. These lips are perfect in size and they are neither too wide nor too thin, just the right size of lips. However, the lower lip tends to be slightly larger.

Bow shaped Lips

Image Source: www.mondanite.net


Women with these perfect lips are a very independent figure, very blunt with their opinions and never tend to feel sorry when they say their mind. These people live in the present and don’t really care about the future. Brave and highly responsible, they take and dish out criticism very well.

5 Thick Lips


These lips are proportionate but thick on both top and bottom sides. They have very less curve and are of normal shape.

Thick Lips

Image Source: www.buzzfed.com


Women with thick lips are found to be enigmatic. They always have that air of mystery around them. They keep their personal lives close to themselves and seldom talk about their personal matter.

They are highly intelligent and very interesting to be around, but you cannot predict their actions very easily. Women with thick lips are not easily satisfied and demand something unique every time and are difficult to pursue.


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